Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bad News in Israel

I have stayed away from Israel for a while; I felt despondent due to the celebrations and the like. But the latest attack that hit Ashkelon today is bad news. Any hopes of continued negotiations are more than likely dead, the fact that Abbas said he is upset that Israel celebrated Independence Day could have told you that. But this attack is really bad.

AP is reporting that Israel believes Islamic Jihad is getting longer range weapons from Iran. “It's part of the Iranian war against Israel,” Former Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh told Israel Radio.

While they aren’t good at getting the word out internationally, internally Israel is good at the news game. Just like here at home, we can assume former military folks in Israel are working for the government when it comes to propaganda. Is Iran a major threat? You better believe it. Are they ready to fight this second? Nope. Will they fight? Who knows. We do know that Amamamdnandandandinijad is a bit nuts and doesn’t like Israel so much.

So do we have a localized situation that will give rise to a regional war? Will one enemy be conflated to be another? I don’t know where that has happened before? Iran may be supplying Islamic militants in Gaza; most likely they are. But the US supplied Iran (and Iraq) and others with guns and those states have used our guns for bad things. While it doesn’t take much of a leap of faith to make the connection, is the state that sells the weapons responsible for their use? (I say yes and that makes this even scarier.)

The global war on Islamofacist or whatever the rightwing is calling it today is getting much closer to a much large theater. Israel vs. Iran is nothing I want to see. It should be nothing the regional community wants to see. Sunni Saudi Arabia sure as hell doesn’t want Shi’a Iran to be the force that takes down Israel or have Israel take down Iran. This so-called, and increasingly real, Iranian war against Israel is bad news. It hurts us all.


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