Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Fire of the Building Project

Aish Ha'Torah is re-building the Temple.
A grandiose museum featuring an elaborated massive replica of the Temple is currently being erected opposite the Western Wall.

The three-storey museum, whose construction is valued at nearly $20 million will be erected in the Aish Ha'Torah ("Fire of the Torah") Yeshiva complex. The museum will feature a journey through Jewish history, from the days of Abraham to the present, emphasizing the message and significance of the Jewish people’s presence in the Land of Israel and their degree of accomplishment in world improvement. (Ynet)

While I hear this will soon be on the Koshosh Edition of Flip this House the Aish folks forgot the first rule of Real Estate: Location, Location, Location. It isn't going to be where Temple belongs, it is Temple adjacent. Come on Aish, we all know that Beverly Glen isn't Beverly Hills and that Brooklyn really isn't New York City.

But seriously now, $20 million dollars is going to build this thing and it won't even be usable. It will be a museum for people to walk through. Last time I was in Israel I walked through a Temple museum complete with a weird video featuring a guy who looks strangely like the Geico Cavemen. This is just another tool that will be used to scoop up excited, un-observant Jewish youth during his first trip to Israel.

So Aish if you want to demonstrate the "degree of accomplishment in world improvement" thanks to the Jewish people, perhaps use that $20 million to help feed the people you "save" from the secular world, put diapers on the kids you help birth and perhaps (just maybe) provide some job training.

(Update: DK had it before me and he got it from FailedMessiah, but still this story is really crazy so it needs all the air time it can get.)

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Phyllis Sommer said...

wow i think this is horrific. i absolutely hate that big gold menorah that is up in a glass case opposite the kotel. they say it's worth a million dollars. what a shandah. this is what we spend money on while there are people starving all over the world...shameful. and this story, even worse!