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Shabbat Ideas - March 21, 2008

It is Shabbat so here are my Shabbat Thoughts for March 21, 2008:
Super (Jew) Delegates
An American administration that huffs and puffs about protecting Israel and standing up to its enemies, but undercuts its own freedom of action by mortgaging itself to foreign governments, is no friend at all.
Something VERY wrong for Purim
DK on Obama

Five years and two days ago, I was sitting in my Northern California home helping a friend study for a Micro Econ final and was glued to the soothing tones of Wolf Blitzer and the continuous loop of the smart bomb attack on what was thought to be Saddam Hussein.

I was on the phone with this friend last night shooting the breeze and he brought this up... I suppose that moment will be with me forever, just like my mom knows what she was wearing and where she was when Kennedy was shot or that I know I was eating Honey Nut Cheerios when the Challenger exploded.

We remember trauma in strange ways. Experts call it different things but anyway you look at it, trauma like war or murder scars you regardless of if you are physically injured. These past five years, some of the most important in my young life, have scared me, my peers and my country.

Trying to make sense out of the war effort in Iraq is impossible. Ending this war is also going to be impossible, for the time being. You break it, you buy it seems to apply to this horrible situation. When thinking about the way our world could have been if we had finished the job in Afghanistan and stayed out of Iraq, forcing Hussein into a corner similarly to the situation of Kaddafi. Would there be a peace accord between Israel and the Palestinians? Would oil be less than $100 a barrel? Would the market stabilized? Would the deficit be smaller?

We could be optimistic and say we have no idea…but we do have an idea. While it isn’t for sure, many of the major issues we are dealing with as a society are due to the fact that too many people are being killed and too much money is wasted in the war in Iraq.

Trite as it may be, I get physically upset when I see stories about the war. I get mad when some story about an injured vet comes up on the nightly news and the problems she is having getting a job in she Red State home town. I am furious every time I hear the Dem Presidential candidates dance around the truth regarding this war. I am disgusted when John McCain talks about the 100 more years of war we must endure.

This war is unjust. But now we are in and we must fix it. And that is the scar that will be left on all of us lucky enough not to serve in the military in Iraq. Our pain will be the loss of hundreds of thousands young American service members, the waste of billions of dollars and the establishment of a horrific international profile. This isn’t to say that the trauma of the last five years won’t end. But just as we all remember trauma differently, we will also try to fix it differently. It is time for a different approach to our problems.

Shabbat Shalom

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