Saturday, March 1, 2008

New York Times, Jews and Barack Obama

As I am about to spend my weekend cold, wet and the less than glamorous primary state of Rhode Island for Mr. Obama, I was up early reading the Times and was surprised to see the top story on the website to be about me. You know about Jews and Obama

Now we all know what is going on in the Jewish community, but JJ Goldberg, editorial something or other at the Forward NAILED it:
Some Jewish leaders [like Goldberg] said the anxiety over Mr. Obama might reveal more about Jews than about the candidate. By their analysis, those who heed the e-mail are generally older and have closer ties to Israel. The break is between “those who are motivated by traditional Jewish liberalism and those motivated by traditional Jewish anxiety over Israel."

Time saved to borrow from my friends at Jspot, but actually read the article if not only to see how 1.7% of the population can be so important.

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Phyllis Sommer said...

i was very excited to see this article, even though i wasn't entirely sure i liked it...i like to know that we're just *that* important.