Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Taking a Chance Standing Up for Jews in NY

Sen Hillary Clinton said that she "took a chance" in her "rejection" of wacko right and left wing folks who discredited the Jewish community and Israel during her Senatorial campaign.

Big.Risk.Taker. Wow standing up to for a major voting group in a state with the largest number of said voting group is really courageous.

Too bad this baiting allowed Sen Barack Obama to make fun of her and say "If Sen Clinton believes reject to be stronger than denounce I will concede that point. [couple of laughs and baiting from Clinton] And I will reject and denounce Minister Farakan's opinions." (More or less...)

Ach. I thought Sen Clinton was supposed to be the better debater...please she is just fighting to hold on.

Now I remember why I don't watch these things.

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DK said...

That sounds really painful to watch. What is her problem?