Friday, February 22, 2008

Shabbat Ideas - February 22, 2008

It is snowing really hard and it is Friday so here are my Shabbat Thoughts for February 22, 2008:
McCain's Daughter needs a publicist and to take off her Hipster Kaffiyeh
Putin's successor Jewish heritage has Russians upset...Just like the people are scared of Obama being born of a Muslim father? Thanks Dan good call.
See! The Democratic Party is for the Jews (and Jewish Asses...really)(thanks JTA)
Darfur News: And it is good.
UCI isn't the place it place it used to be...(God Blog)
Turkey on Rye, good; Turkey on Iraqi Soil, bad

Barack Obama is an American citizen and a well established supporter of diplomacy within an American context. He has supported Israel and will continue to do so when elected President. Jews: STOP THE HATE SPEECH.

Malcolm Hoenlein, leader useless Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Orgs and rightwing wack, said he was scared of the excitement and hope talk because it leads to "zeitgeist." Using a very scary German word to describe a man being accused of being a Muslim terrorist by smear campaigns is wrapping up a prefect present that for the fearful Jews in this country.

Real community leaders have denounced this over and over again. Now it is time for a meaningless blogger to stand up (or type in caps lock) about it too. I support Barack Obama because he has a sound idea of what needs to be done about International Relations. He does not believe our country sits above the rest anymore but that we must work our way back to the top. His ideals will lead to policies that will help the dollar against the Euro, create jobs both at home and abroad and all while supporting Israel.

Perhaps we missed something when he voted time and time again to support Israel, denounce Hezbollah and continue to be accepted into the Jewish community in Chicago. That said, it is also pretty stupid that we are still talking about this issue.

So here is my plea: Stop talking about Israel as if it was the only thing Jews in this country care about. It is important; it is not the most important. We have a war going on that makes Israel more vulnerable, we have a slumping economy that hurts the sheckel, we have no health care which drains our social services, we have a lack of civil liberties which may lead to a lack of religious freedom (and has).

BUT a community of active voters such as the Jewish community is stuck on one issue that hasn't changed for nearly a generation. We vote in greater numbers than almost any other ethnic group, we have a more organized lobby on many issues than any other group. So why can't we expand our issue base?

Israel is Social Security, Immigration and Iraq combined for politicians wooing the Jewish vote. US support of Israel is not in question right now. So dearest rightwing racists in our community: STOP IT. You are going to vote for McCain anyway, to bad his daughter wears a keffiyeh.

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