Monday, February 4, 2008

Really Strange Bedfellows

Over the past few months the leftwing Jewish community has started embracing some strange bedfellows. Namely Jspot has been publishing briefs about the power of the Evangelical preacher Rick Warren. Granted what he is doing is wonderful; Warren has made thousands of people extremely excited about religion and acting piously. However what makes me uncomfortable is his less than progressive views on LGBT issues and reproductive rights.

We have a lot to learn from this man and his style of religious observance. But just like we must be careful with our "friends of Israel" we should be careful in selecting our teachers of creating community.


reflectionsofarabbiswife said...

You know, of course, why they are friends of Israel. Which, in the end, does not make them a friend of the Jews. Just MHO.

Liberal Jew said...

Of course...that is why I am so uncomfortable by this new alliance.