Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ever Gawker Agrees

Now that the WGA strike is over, we are going to see a whole bunch of "solidarity" folks saying this labor action was a bad idea. Even Gawker, the snarky, very pissed off NYC cult(ure) and entertainment blog, thinks this was a mistake. If the WGA leadership must preempt the stupid victory speech with a we screwed up statement you know this was a wash:
Patric Verrone, the WGA's West Coast president, acknowledged yesterday that the deal is "not all we hoped for and it is not all we deserved." Calling the walkout "the most successful strike in American labor in the past decade," Mr. Verrone went on to highlight the guild's accomplishments in creating a collective system, rather than the deal terms. WSJ via Gawker

That said where are our stories about Felipe Garcia?

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