Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Where Does Chuck Norris Vote?

Where ever he wants. But he is voting for Mike Huckabee according to this hard (karate chop) hitting piece from NPR. This is a great, light and funny piece about Chuck and his latest political aspirations that are driving young people to the polls for Huckabee...

Greatest lines: For instance, perhaps you didn't know that Huckabee's bumper stickers don't have glue? They stick to cars because Chuck told them to. And, when Chuck Norris gives a stump speech, it is on an actual stump — that he pulled from the ground with his teeth.

Perhaps I will go to some more substance tonight.


Annie said...

You clearly have not seen the Huckabee/Norris campaign ads where Huckabee says a Chuck Norris "fact" and then Chuck Norris says a real fact about Huckabee's position. It is actually pretty cute.

Liberal Jew said...

Oh I have! They are wonderful!

"I have two words for my immigration policy: Chuck. Norris."