Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Voting for Class President

I live in New York and will vote with millions of other eager party affiliated Americans on Super Duper Tuesday. For a while I was really excited to watch and listen to what actually sounded like a new debate. Hillary, Barack, John and friends seemed like they actually wanted to fix the country and move towards something useful. Boy was I wrong.

Last night they went at each other like kids playing dodge ball. Now if you care to know who I am voting for that is nice. I will vote for Barack Obama because I like him more. His speeches make me proud to be an American. His ideas energize me. I like to listen to him because he sounds presidental. I truly believe either Clinton or Obama would be a great president, I just don't have any passion for Clinton. That said, I will vote for who I want in the primary and who I need in the general election.

But what gives with this bickering? I am sick of it. Give the stupid pundits something to talk about that isn't causeless hatred. I wanted to believe in the system for the first time ever. Good job Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton for making me, a political junky, turn off the news in favor of bad reality TV. Even the "Real World" is more civil than your debates. Get a grip and start fighting the real bad guys.

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