Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shabbat Sh-Vote

While Jspot, the JCPA Blog and JTA have all already written about this, I find it very interesting. As the candidates all race to shul to court the small but active Jewish vote this primary season, the Jews in Nevada will not be voting in its state's Caucus, or at least not the Shomer Shabbas Jews. For the Nevada Caucus will take place on the Holy Sabbath of the Hebrew people.

JTA has a pretty in depth look at the issue
. I can't understand why this would be done. Both parties have Jews in high positions in most states and especially in states were Jew are well represented. Nevada is one of those states. It always makes my head spin when reporters or politicians try to make a story about religion and then forget completely that (for example) the Pope is Catholic and Protestants don't care that he is coming to the US or that Jews are to be wished a "Happy Yom Kippur."

I am not asking for much but take a minute before begging for our vote and listen to who we are, what we believe and then ask us for our vote.


Alex said...

"Jews are pretty high up in the party"

That's exactly the problem. I know someone who's Jewish and decently ranking in the Hilary camp. So Hilary and everyone else just assumes that there not doing anything to piss off Jews, because hey, we've got a Jew right here, she'd say something. But of course, that doesn't work, because this woman, a close friend of my mother's, knows about our Shomer Shabbas family's restrictions, but because they aren't her own, doesn't think about them.

That's why they make gaff's like Hilary's King/LBJ remark. It seems very likely that an African-American heard or saw that before she said it, and wasn't offended, so hey, go ahead and say it. And I'm not just talking about Hilary, she wasn't the one who scheduled that caucus on Shabbat.

Liberal Jew said...


I think this is part of the point. They say that care about the people but none of them really do.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It seems strange to try to get our vote...only to exclude us from voting.