Friday, January 18, 2008

Shabbat Ideas - January 18, 2008

It is Friday, so here are my Shabbat Thoughts for January 18, 2008

UJC has issues. DUH
Davos is next week…hopeful sure why not
Values on the Left

The writers strike needs to end. Here is a lefty reason why the writers should go back to the tables with the Producers to make a deal.

The workers are being hurt. End of story. The real workers who are out of work because of this strike are not protected by a strong and stubborn WGA. They are the food service guys, the house keepers, the delivery folks. They are out of work and the struggle for fairness has forgotten them.

The Award Shows provide work for THOUSANDS of people. The studios that are dark employ most of Los Angeles. These writers and producers are hurting real people.

The writers are framing this about fairness. Fine. They should get a share of the revenue of online stuff. No question. But what is ridiculous is that they are utilizing the language of labor vs big business. Please! This isn’t a major struggle against the man.

Real struggle is plight of the hotel worker who must clean 100 rooms every day. Real struggle is the danger faced by the miner who digs millions of pounds of coal out of the ground every year. Writers give me a break.

Shabbat Shalom


Phyllis Sommer said...

you know, i have to say that i agree with you. i'm all about unions, all about the right to strike, but this does remind me a little bit of the baseball players' strike(s) just doesn't seem fair to those people who *really* work hard and are being hurt....

Alex said...

You're wrong. The writers are willing to negotiate--at least, last I heard--it's the AMPTP that won't come to the table. I agree that it would benefit everyone if it ended, but you're buying into the anti-labor propaganda that's seeped into our social fabric. Lots of strikes keep other groups out of work; any transportation strike will affect a large portion of others. But the fact that the writers may not invoke the same romantic notions of coal miners or steel workers in no way lessens their right to organize for better pay and wages. And if the AMPTP won't give them any share of what could soon be the main source of revenue for the industry (if the right technology comes along), then we have to wonder who's being unfair and who's keeping all those other workers out of their jobs.

Liberal Jew said...

The AMPTP is just as bad as the writers. The writers are guilty of walking out. The AMPTP is guilty of staying away from the table. But from what I am hearing neither side of the table is willing to talk.

Alex, if you look at my "Union" tags you will see that I am not very romantic when it comes to Unions and org labor. The writers are a Guild, not a Union. To be a member you must have sold a piece of work...not actually work in the industry. The WGA is guilty of making this about justice when it is really just about a better allocation of large sums of money spent on a luxury item.