Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Funny I didn't think there were Blacks and/or Jews in the Midwest

I totally missed this story a few weeks back but it is very interesting. In Cairo, Ill a town that "boasts 40 churches, 40 blocks and fewer than 4,000 people" now has 55 brand new Jews according to a Forward report.

According to the article, this group of 55 African Americans grew out of its leader's disenchantment with his Baptist faith. They started learning Torah, observing Shabbat and then called a rabbi and said "we want to convert."

A comforting aspect of the story was when the newly minted tribal members were invited to a congregation in Carbondale, Ill and "felt genuinely embraced" by its members. In light of re-newed and re-surfacing racism in the name of Jews, it is comforting to see this kind of thing in our community.

Welcome new Jews of Cairo!

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Linda Silverman said...

I didn't like Jackie Mason attacking Obama on Aaron Klein show. So I wrote my comment on his youtube. Not only my comment was erased immediately but also, my email account was hacked and without my knowledge my password was changed. IF you don't believe me, try it. I believe in freedom of speech. Censorship is dangerous. And what Jackie Mason is doing on his youtube!