Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Festival of Eco-Friendly Lights

As we gather around our Chanukiot for the next eight nights, let us remember to sustain our light and not get all pissed off about the ridiculous people who believe tying religious practice to political issues (say like climate change or energy conservation) is a bad thing.

Jonathan Tobin has outlined how our modern times have hijacked our Holidays to make them about our own issues. Outside of this being exactly what every era has done with cultural and religious observances, this adaptation doesn't take anything away from the celebration of Chanukah. Chanukah is a GIVE'ME for conservation; the miracle part of Chanukah story is the fact that the oil lasted for a longer time. Mr. Tobin, I do understand you are a traditionalist, but why are you so against taking the exact story of our history and applying it to modernity?

So change a light bulb or two to a CFL this Chanukah as part of your holiday. Mr. Tobin I am sure COEJL can hook you up if you need. Have a happy and earth friendly Chanukah.

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