Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yom Annapolis - Day of Peace

Today is the day! Finally we can sit down and have the Bush administration try to broker a peace deal in the Middle East. Thanks be the holy one, blessed is the name, who has allowed this day to come to pass. Wow! To think the first president to declare and endless war focused on the Middle East would be the one get everyone to sit down in the Mid Atlantic region of the US to talk about Peace...

But on a more serious note, no one really thinks this is going to work. The Jewish media has been covering it closely and it is interesting but I can't help but be cynical; nothing will happen here that has not happened before. On the other hand however, we could see a break through only possible with men with nothing left to loose.

I suppose that we always must be happy for any movement towards peace. Then again I can't take much of what Bush says about sustainable peace seriously. I do hope and pray today is a day of progress and Annapolis will become synonymous with peace. Time will tell.

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