Tuesday, November 13, 2007

(The War on) Christmas comes early this year

Last year around this time, or really about a month from now, I spoke a lot about The War on Christmas. While I believe this is a ridiculous concept and I sign up for Rightwing Christian email lists for a laugh, in this case these people have a point. In an Action Alert from the "American Family Association" I learned that Lowe's (the mega hardware store) is calling Christmas trees "Family Trees" in the winter catalog.

Now really, what does this accomplish? I understand and respect the idea that it is the "Holiday Season" and lot of people are offended when their holiday isn't observed by the civil society. However, it would be extremely offensive of Lowe's or any other store called the electric Chanukiah they sold during the "Holiday Season" a Winter Time Family Fun Light.

The problem is politically correct mentality has failed. We need to be careful, inclusive and pluralistic. We do not need to neuter religious tradition in favor of some picture of society. Call the trees what they are: forest killing traditions.

That said with a little research I found that Lowe's does call them Christmas Trees, just not in the big print.

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