Thursday, November 29, 2007

Israel + Google = Cyber Spys?

This just in...
Google to hand over blogger's IP address

An anonymous blogger using Google Blogger slandered Shaarei Tikva councilmen.
Noam Sharvit 27 Nov 07 13:22
Google Inc. (Nasdaq:GOOG) has agreed to supply the IP address of an Israeli blogger who used "Google Blogger" for a blog in which he slandered Shaarei Tikva council members running for reelection. The election is being held today.

The slandered Shaarei Tikva council members asked Google for the blogger's name. They reached a settlement with the company on the basis of an Israeli ruling on the subject. The settlement stipulates that 72 hours before a hearing on the case at the Rishon LeZion Magistrates Court, the council members would leave the blogger a message on his blog summoning him to the hearing, or else his IP address would be handed over. The notice would invite the blogger to disclose his identity, participate in the hearing, or oppose the disclosure of his identity by filing a motion as "anonymous".

I don't like this one bit...

Hat tip JTA Daily Update.

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