Monday, November 12, 2007

Green Blogging

So it was green day for the Daily Metro, the world's largest daily paper... Irony?

Last week was Green Week on NBC. I wonder if any of the lights on set were turned off?

I know this is coming off as me being a bitter old man but the building I work in doesn't recycle, and neither does my city. (at least on the streets)

I like the fact that Al Gore was on 30 Rock and wrote a column for Metro. I like that millions of viewers and readers have leaned little ways to make a difference.

But that isn't enough. We need to change and do something. DK would say it should energy independence (I agree). others would say CFL bulbs. It does not matter but the action has to be more than watching TV or reading a paper. (maybe if your TV is energy efficient it is ok)


Annie said...

When Al Gore said "a whale needs help, I must go." I nearly died. It was one of the best moments on television thus far.

Liberal Jew said...

Yes it was absolutely brilliant...I mean I watched the shows...and I read the Metro...

DK said...

Just to be a broken record, I want to reiterate that the main issue beyond all other energy issues is oil.