Wednesday, November 14, 2007

East Village Manliness

So I knew I liked the East Village Mamele. She wrote this long first person piece for Jewcy all about hairy men! Word! I am hairy. Really men are hairy. Get over it pretty boy, real mean have chest hair.

Money Quote:

To some, body hair is icky, smelly, sticky. It gets in the sheets and clogs the drain. But to me, it’s primal, manly, sexual. I view my Lycanthrophilia (ok, I made that word up—it means love of werewolves in Greek) is a sign of sophisticated taste. Hairy men are mysterious, Other. Hairless men are…well, girlie. Comfy. Familiar. They look like…me. Hairy men are imported dark chocolate; hairless men are drugstore malted milk balls.

Of course, teenyboppers have always loved and will always love the hairless boys. They’re training wheels on the road to real men. They’re slender, feminine girl-boys: Unthreatening. (There’s a reason Justin Timberlake was the cute one and Joey Fatone was the funny one.) But why do so many grown women skeeve at the sight of male fuzz? Is it because they see hairless men as gentler, more likely to respect a woman’s equality? Is a womanly preference for dainty smoothness a statement about our growing economic power and the mainstreaming of feminism? Or does it show our own ambivalence about gender roles?

Back up off it Justin, I am bringing Sexy Back now!

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Annie said...

Did you see Jezebel's piece on this? It was in response to the editorial, and pretty hilarious.