Monday, October 1, 2007

Why don't you shut up!

Assaf Wohl,who has a BA in philosophy and is the winner of the Dean’s Prize for Excellence for MA students in the Jewish History Department of Haifa University, wrote yesterday on that feminist are "too loud and verbal" and this activist mentality "undermines their aims." While this is a completely legitimate critique of many activist groups (i.e. all talk, no action) the way he paints a picture of the mouth waging woman in contrast to the down to business man, the negative stereotypes he reinforces and just the general mocking tone of this op-ed makes me question if he is kidding.

I suggest you read it. But here are a few gems:

There are certain things that only women can do. For example, to be "opinionated." Have you ever heard of an opinionated man? No such thing. It sounds like something you would call an overweight guy.
Pretty sure I am an opinionated guy, albeit a touch overweight.

He goes on to talk about how feminists can't do anything with out a press as a jack-ass of the Internet I think that makes perfect sense. If you are going to do something, you should let people know about it...and wouldn't you think Wohl, as a member of the media, would want to know what is happening in the world? But I digress.

Wohl, in the following passage, doesn't even make a point. He just makes fun of women's hats.
In addition, you must wear terribly original headgear. An ordinary shawl no longer satisfies you. You must have fashionable hats made of canvas, asbestos, barbed wire, Plexiglas, and placebo; whatever shows that you are not the same as the women of old, but opinionated, independent, empowered women.
Yes, the hats are ugly but what the hell does this do to further your point?

Wohl ends this unbelievable diatribe by making the requisite "I am not the thing I just spent a column proving I am" and then reverts right back into the drawl statement with this little section:
Here's where I have to vow that I am no chauvinist and one of my best friends is a woman, but let me spare you.

I am not saying that many of your claims are wrong, but perhaps you should lower the level of the noise you make because in the minds of many of us there is this automatic spell-check, just like in a word processor. When you upload terms such as "gender," "opinionated," and "empowerment," it immediately converts them to "bullshit," "bullshit," and "bullshit" - respectively. Please, use a human language, not some sushi-jive.
What is sushi-jive?

He concludes the piece with some other crap about being going softly into the night of second class citizenship. Assaf Wohl, you are testament to the Israeli people.


David said...

There is a certain type of feminist that does indeed come off a bit shrill and humorless. And for the record, I don't mean to pick on the Conservadox.

DK said...

The above obnoxious comment is me. I don't know why blogger wrote it as "David" without a link to the old Kvetcher address. I hope the frummies didn't break into it.

Liberal Jew said...

dk- I was wondering when you were going to drop a little sexism on a brother. Some men can come off as arrogant and stupid... so it goes both ways. Also I am glad I didn't attract another jack-ass reader! (Kidding, you are my only jack-ass reader and one of the only readers actually)

Annie said...

DK- sure, and some women who aren't feminists come off as shrill and humorless. But it is hard to laugh about the salary disparity, or the work-life compromises that women have to make.

Sorry if I'm not amused by that.

Liberal Jew said...

annie couldn't be more correct. This piece is really bad. I wasn't kidding when I said I couldn't tell if he was kidding.