Friday, October 26, 2007

Shabbat Ideas - October 26, 2007

The Red Sox are up 2-0 in the WS and it is also Friday so here are my Shabbat Thoughts for October 26, 2007

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I am beat. I don't have the energy to write something smart about the fact that our country won't supply children with health care or that Bush promised Federal support to fire victims in SoCal (Heck'va Job: the redux) or that we are getting into the winter and millions of people won't have a warm place to sleep or that we are engaged in a war that won't end or that we are proposing to get into another or that the dollar is failing or that Russia(with a whole bunch o' nukes) is almost a complete dictatorship or that we are running out of oil.

Not this week. This week I am not saying anything. I am out of energy to be pissed off. Don't worry, I will be back.

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