Friday, September 7, 2007

Shabbat Ideas - September 7, 2007

It is Friday and the end of a long week even though it was short so here my Shabbat Thoughts for September 7, 2007:

Isn’t it nice when you can wrap everything up at once?

God’s Jewish Warriors Attack Show Bio-Pic (Kidding it was a crappy show, see I wrote about even)

For the same reason why there are still millions of weekend projects unfinished is why Jew’it Yourself projects will fail. People especially upper middle class folks are lazy. As soon as something isn't fun or becomes a lot of work, they stop doing it.

I have lost a lot energy in the past few weeks in the passion department. I really believed the Jblogophere was going to answer the problems in our community. But I think it has failed. Over the few years I have been following the 'bigs' and before I jumped in it to the fray, seemed the bloggers were talking about big issues. Now I feel like I am reading, in many cases, personal attacks against people the writers don't like or feel have wronged them.

It isn't interesting and it is lazy. I was invested in all this talk about the next generation of Jews taking on the issues with excitement and innovation. If there was something to this belief, it would be working. It isn't working.

Thank you Jewbiq for becoming the new best group blog. DovBear is still good... but no long just DovBear. Jspot will do what it does but where are the rest of you? I am a little no-body who fights with DK from time to time. So I am not trying to incite a virtual riot, just wondering what happened to the fun and interesting community of online Jews.

Countless studies say young Jews have gone online to find their community. Fine, that may be the case. However—just like in some of the larger Jewish communities in the world, and specifically in the United States—there are very few completely engaged folks in this virtual Jewish world. It isn’t surprising that blogs like Jewschool, Jew and the Carrot and even my friend DK’s Kvetcher take on personal issues and make them sound supper important. It just isn’t ground breaking.

KesherTalk is good for the right and where is the left? There is no place for liberal lefty Jews to congregate and that isn’t surprising either. We can’t figure out what to do in the real world so we will not figure out what to do online.

Finally here is my over all Shabbat Idea: Web2.0 is a technology set that is only as good as the product produced by the folks who use it. Web2.0 and all that comes with that is not a virtual Mochach. (or the real one for that matter.)

As we come to the end of the year, and we begin our apologies I say this: Sorry for trying to make something more out of the J-blogs. I am sorry for being pretentious and pretending people want to hear what I have to say about issues. That said, I am not stopping this madness because something in side still believe a little.

Shabbat Shalom

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