Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Say WHAT? Headline

The JTA takes the cake. This is the most ridiculous headline that I have seen so far:
As Craig stood up for Jews,
Jews must stand up for Craig

Mind you on the homepage it reads "Jews Must Stand Up for Craig."

This argument is just silly. Focusing on the fact that most of the fight from the Republicans has been centered around homophobia and other such nastiness, we must support Craig. Bull.

This, like every other political fight, is political. The Dems want to keep this in the news because it is good to expose the other side as bigoted homophobes. This piece pretty much dresses up Craig's support of Israel as a way to support him now. Please! This like every liberal defense of the disgraced Senator from Idaho is to keep the scandal in the news for as long as possible.

I am happy to expose Republicans as hypocritical animals but this is just silly. The defense of Israel then means you need to support someone even as they break the law? Come on now!

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