Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Open Letter to Rupert Murdoch

Mr. Murdoch,

Buy my blog. I mean really sir, why wouldn't you want to own my blog? You have been buying as much of the New York media industry and now with the Journal in your pocket under the ownership of Media Corp it only makes sense for you to start taking over Web2.0 (opps MySpace...sorry I forgot). Soon we will see fun headlines with $ for the letter "s" in the WSJ and perhaps we will even see something more than mind-numbing shlock in the Post.

So buy my blog and I will write ridiculous op-eds about how everything Dems do is evil and that the War on Terror also includes Iraqi soccer victories. I totally will sell out and this blog has only been family owned for six months, not many generations of the Bancroft family.

With all due respect sir, why not just make an offer at the rest TV market? That is where most Americans get their information and Fox News has the same rep for integrity as the current Attorney General. It is similar to the trade you made in paper reputations, the Post up the WSJ. Very smart.

The offer still stands. (And it is much less than $5 Billion)



phil_in_ny said...

it's frightening. I'm a Jew who's amazed at the power of Murdoch's reign, and not in a good way.

phil_in_ny said...

BTW..I put you on my blogroll. Let me know if you object. Thanks.