Monday, August 20, 2007

Old Story Online

This is an older story from the Forward about Facebook. NO ONE is letting this Facebook thing alone. It is different, it is revolutionary blah blah blah. Look, the Internet is great, Web2.0 is lots of fun and very useful but it is time to move on...

But this is kinda funny:
For most of us, Facebook is an easy way to keep tabs on friends, enemies, exes and currents. But from the start of the Facebook phenomenon, Jacob Orin Gold, 22, saw the site as a means of helping Jews stay connected to their heritage. In June, the recent Princeton grad launched “Straight Reppin’ My Shtetl!,” a fast-growing Facebook group that allows members to post shout-outs to the cities and shtetls from which their ancestors hailed.

“Word up to Vilna,” “Wat up Teresin?” and “Holler at Kiev and Chernobyl” are typical postings that can be found on the wall of the group, which boasts 143 members.
So word up to Meppen and sup my Pale of Russia homies.

While enjoyable, this piece is just one more story about the same old new media issues; the dead tree media is dead. I am getting tired of stories about this everywhere. Newsweek, AP, New York Times (to name a few) have written extensively on the Facebook and the like. I am bored with this story. Perhaps media it is time to write about important things that Facebookers are complaining you don't cover.

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