Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mezzuzah Woes

Some of you may remember that I wrote about my Mezzuzah continually falling off the door post of my house (and off my gates). Well after some exploration and super sticky tacky glue tape I thought my woes were over. I was wrong.

Yesterday I came home to the scroll, double sided tape and super sticky tacky glue tape on my door, but no hand crafted Mezzuzah. It was gone: not on the floor, not handed to the door man, gone. It put me in a really bad mood.

Thinking back to way that Mezzuzah was so important it was clear it had to do with the fact that after a lot of work, I had my own place. It is there where I hope to live a nice long Jewish life in New York City. It is where my lovely laddie and I host Shabbat Dinners and get-to-gethers. It is where I like to bbq Hebrew Nationals and read the Sunday paper. It is where I watch TV, read books and talk to family members. This is my home. A Jewish home and it was violated. That upset me a lot.

None of the other Mezzuzah baring doors were missing their Jewish I.D. card. But still I have to wonder what the person who kicked or threw away this piece of art with Jewish symbols on it thought. Oh I will just chuck this...

I still hope that my neighbor picked up and will leave it with the door man today...who knows. This was a gift and it made my apartment feel like my home. Something I was proud of and now it is gone.


phil_in_ny said...

I really need to get one myself.

A California Fan said...

but did you put up another one?

Liberal Jew said...


I haven't found one I like yet...I still have the scroll. I will be looking in the next week or so.