Monday, August 13, 2007

A Lot of Things Happened Today

Today a lot of things happened. Rove resigned. Brooke Astor died after working for the poor for more than century. That Chinese guy “killed himself” after some toys had lead paint. Goldman Saks dumped a LOT of money into a hedge fund to save face. (that amount of money could end the dept of many thijavascript:void(0)rd world countries, just to put it in prospective.) But most importantly to my small family, in a small town outside of Boston, my cousin passed away after an unexpected illness.

She was my mother’s first cousin on her father’s side. Born in England after her family was exiled from Germany, she came to the United States and made a good life for herself. Unique and very much a caricature of a Jewish mother, my cousin was a once in a generation kind of woman. She will be missed and may her memory be for a blessing.

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