Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Sun Also Sets

The former residents of my apartment were conservatives. (I washed every surface of the apartment before I moved in my stuff and now I am happy I did.) I know this because I still receive Republican campaign materials (which I happily recycle) and the woman of the house ordered the New York Sun.

For a few months it came intermittently to my door in the mornings and I would simply read the headlines and toss it on the free for all pile in the mail room on my way out the door. However for the past few days it has come consistently and thinking I could cash in on a free paper I picked it up and brought it on the subway this morning.

What an awful newspaper.

This rag carried editorials commending Bush's pardon of Libby, a condemnation of the NYC Fire Codes because of the unpatriotic ban of fireworks for the Fourth of July and an endorsements of a fishing trip diplomacy at the Kennebunkport Summit. Wow.

Then to the op-eds. We have Hillel Halkin asking why women's groups won't just deal with the fact the President of Israel pleaded to a lower charge and got away with rape and Jay Akasie discussing the arcane rules regarding the correct use of the American Flag. Perhaps as a way to keep the mixed marriages (liberals and conservatives bonded in holy matrimonial) together Cal Thomas says his "liberal friends love America as much as I do." Isn't that nice a message of co-exsitance burried under a pile of hatred?

I have already called to cancel my non-subscription.


DK said...

Don't forget their call for Cheney to run for president: http://www.nysun.com/article/51783

There is a reason that there is bipartisan contempt for the Neocons. And since I am a product of both Left and Right political thought (really, we all are, but you know what I mean), I get to abhor them from both sides.

Still,I have to confess, I adore Halkin. And he's right -- a guilty plea should be enough. Anytime its Halkin against the J-feminists, Halkin is probably going to be right. He's way smarter than the Neocons, all the more so he will be smarter and more reasonable than the shrill and insatiable wing of the Jewish feminists. Same with Gelernter. There's a difference between those guys and the maniacs who sold the War in Iraq, and endorse the insanity of privatization.

But yes -- when it comes to social issues, the Neocons will still make more sense than the left. I guess even the worst political movements are right when it comes to something. This is the one area they are actually somewhat moderate.

Glad even when it comes to the dreadful Neocons, we can disagree in our agreement.

DK said...

Just to be clear, there was really no reason for me to bold the word shrill, but a feminist ex (alas, most of my ex's are feminist -- I like strong women, and that often is an unfortunate byproduct in today's dark political times... misogynist, heal thyself!) and she complained that the word "shrill" was employed subtly as a way to dismiss feminists, and was used disproportionately against them. I thought this was an astute observation (this woman is really sharp) and so try to use the word shrill as often as possible when attacking feminists. Hence the bold.

Liberal Jew said...

you sounds like a shrill feminist