Tuesday, July 17, 2007

POLJM is Coming to Town

My mom is coming to town this week and I am happy to see her...I know this is a "and then my cat was soooooooooooooooo cute" kind of post but here is the deal. I have been working on this article for my writing class that centers on our relationship and it sometimes is hard to leave the feelings and bull I used to pull aside and live in the present. Between real work, classwork and blog-work, I have had no time to decompress let alone time not looking at a computer screen. So I am happy to put the quill aside and spend time with the real person as apposed to the literary character I have created.

I suggest you all take this time, the first few days of Av, to call your moms, dads and other such relations to say hello. Do not be sad or cause some ruckus just say hi and what is up.

I am very happy I get to do that with my mom who lands at in NYC in about three hours and I am excited to see her.

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