Thursday, July 5, 2007

Only in America

In that today is July 5th, yesterday was July 4th, American Independence Day. The day that our forefathers throw the chains of British Tyranny out of the colonies and started taking over the world...or something to that effect. But regardless of our issues with remembering the bad parts of our history, the United States is the best country in the world. Its freedoms and liberties, even under the distress of the Bush Administration, make this country a beacon of hope, a city on the hill, a light onto the nations and other religious allusions as well.

Every year the Fourth of July sees a few regular occurrences: parades with out-of-tune marching bands, bbq with the family and the friends, fireworks and citizenship ceremonies. Only in the United States would a serious story about the surge in applications for citizenship because of fear of deportation be anchored by a picture at Disney World. This picture was taken just outside Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World where nearly 1,000 people from 75 countries became American citizens.

Happy Independence Day and Welcome Home New Americans!

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