Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jewish Lands for Jews

So this Bill in Israel is making a mess. The Jewish National Fund thinks it is a good idea, the Knesset clearly thinks it is a good idea and a bunch of right-wing nuts are always on board for Jews first legislation. But the rest of the Jewish world doesn't seem to like it very much. From Mobius to RabbiYoffie, people are not so happy.

I for one think it is silly to consider this a good idea in the first place. What are these people thinking? Fine, the JNF was set up to help Jews buy up land for a state in Palestine. That worked. When they handed over the land to the government of Israel it wasn't handing it over to the government of the Jews, but of the state of Israel. (In case we forgot there are non-Jews in Israel.) Now the land is Israeli not just Jewish.

Outside of all of these rational issues like the destruction of democracy, bad PR, racism and a few others, we also come to the problem of "who's a Jew" with such a law. If some shmo with a Jewish mom want to go and buy up some land great. But if a non-Halachic Jew, who lives a Jewish life wants to get a home in the Holy Land, then he is out of luck. Crappy. This law stinks from head to toe. JNF stick to planting trees.

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