Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shabbat Ideas - June 22, 2007

So I am going out of town tomorrow for the weekend with my mom so here are my Shabbat Thoughts for June 22, 2007.

Jews weren’t Whities, then they were, now they aren’t again.
MO Rabbi Says MO too RW (Modern Orthodox and Rightwing if you didn’t follow)
Habeas Hunt! Habeas Hunt! Habeas Hunt! Greatest Title EVER and good topic

I write a blog that is full of (crappy) original content, however without true original content from the press this blog would (more) be pointless. As a Jewish blogger I need the Jewish press and media to keep on keeping on. This week the j. the jewish news weekly of northern california (Lower case sentences? Come on!) used its cover story to tell us about the hard place the print media, Jewish and secular, has found itself in over the past few years.

Incase you couldn’t figure it out the print media is in a bad place. The press can’t keep up with the crazy little bloggers and cheap online people. However, without quality original content bloggers and online folk will be nothing. Yet I still don’t have a subscription to any newspaper, secular, Jewish or otherwise.

I am currently taking a class in magazine writing - can’t you tell – and the guest speaker for this week’s class was the editor of one of the free weekly alternative newspapers in New York City. He is a new editor and fairly young. His view is that the web is going to take over all print in the next fifteen years. I think he is right.

The major price of all online press will be the consolidation of ideas. It is possible the Wall Street Journal will be purchased by Murdoch’s News Corp or possibly GE (that also owns NBC) in the next few months. The New York Times is raising the daily price to a buck fifty next year. But if they cut the price of printing and sending by going online, how are they going to pay the bills? They can’t. Selling ads online is SUPER cheap in comparison to those in print.

So there will be fewer writers, writing fewer stories about fewer events. While I could say something about the evil corporate media, I will leave that to Media Matters.

This is really big problem for me. While I will not buy a daily paper, because I am not going to waste the money or the trees for me to throw away a majority of the paper ever day, I think there needs to be a concerted effort to figure out a way to fund open and free press that is fueled by true journalism online. And until we figure that out, I will buy my Sunday Times and as of today, I am going to make a donation to JTA, and buy a yearly subscription to the Forward.

Shabbat Shalom


DK said...

The JTA is making a real push to be a serious paper like the Forward, and recently hired the Forward's managing editor. It is critical to have two serious newspapers.

sharonmcclintic said...

I was also a journalism major in college (University of Florida) and we heard very similar things about the internet taking over print media. I know I've e-mailed you about it before, but is a prime (jewish media!) example of the leaps and bounds the internet is making over traditional media.

Not sure if you've gotten a chance to check it out yet, but it's pretty cool. :)


Yael said...

Don't forget the Jewish Press :)

Liberal Jew said...

Funny Yael...

But the news is in an interesting space and what is chooses to do in the near future will be fun to watch.