Friday, June 15, 2007

Shabbat Ideas - June 15, 2007

It is a wonderful this to have dental insurance and thanks be to the almighty that it is the weekend, so here are my Shabbat Thoughts for June 15, 2007.

US Army did something stupid in 2003 that wasn’t the Iraq War
We O We O We O (and why is this news?)
Cause Everyone Else is Doing it…

My dad is bald and has had little to no hair for as long as I remember. I too have been blessed to live a follicle free life-style. For years people have been saying “you and your faaaaaaaathah look sooo similiaaaaaaaaaaaah.” Now for people who have not seem me since I took the Gillette Challenge and embraced my genetic destiny, it is even more shocked.

If you picture a slightly older Bruce Willis you get a picture of my dad. He is short and broadly built. He is also known for his crazy action hero antics. But neither of us can figure out how the hell you measure exactly the right amount of water to make sure the bomb doesn’t go off in Central Park while the evil German guys are stealing all the gold from the vault downtown…

My dad is a true action hero, from his teaching Sunday School at our congregation when I was a kid and we lived in New Jersey, to his taking the reigns of the Temple Youth Group when we helped start a new congregation, to him going back to school and becoming a teacher of underprivileged kids in LA or to him taking over the job of city planning in my home town. His work, both as a professional and a dad, has been to make other people’s lives better.

You might not think it takes an action hero to teach Sunday School, but you would be wrong. Standing 5 foot 10 Jewish (which is like 5’8” for normal people) this shinny-headed warrior would take charge of the kindergarten classroom with an iron first of chalk. When the class above his first floor room was too loud, he would climb atop the little kid tables with a chair in hand to slam the ceiling of that small room to the thunderous applause of five and six year-olds ready to learn about being Jewish!

But the thing that is the most impressive is that he always was on the field trips and coaching the sports teams when I was a kid. As a stay at home dad and home business owner, he had the time or always made the time to be the chaperon on the school trips. When I was in fifth grade we went on a trip to Sacrament, CA. It was pretty lame and I then decided I hated the place, but in retrospect it was a fun trip. He came with us and was by far the coolest dad on the trip. He even sat with me at the back of the bus with me and all the other “cool kids” thought it was neat. If I was to take an honest look at history, it was because of my cooler than me dad that I was permitted to sit in the back.

While it wasn’t all smooth sailing for him, my dad is a wonderful man and he is my good friend. I miss him all the time, because even if we don’t talk on the phone for long periods of time or share exact same interests (beside the Red Sox still being in first place but the All Star game is coming so I should just keep my mouth shut) we can sit and watch bad movies, old football games on ESPN Classic, complain about George W. Bush, make really bad jokes and generally have a good time together.

It is often said that boys want to be just like their dads when they grow up, and that applies to me to this day. I hope I can be half the dad he was to me to my kids.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Shabbat Shalom

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Thanks POLJ- I love you too!