Friday, June 1, 2007

Shabbat Ideas - June 1, 2007

So it is the weekend so here are my Shabbat thoughts for June 1, 2007.

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So the Yankees are 13.5 games behind the AL Leading Boston Red Sox. As a Red Sox fan living in New York City, there isn't much better than that.

But is there a Jewish lesson here? Should I have some inclination and feel badly for this group of players and the evil empire that has been constructed by its evil GM Steinbrenner? I don't think so. But there is something that could be learned...there are lots of little kids out there, for no other reason, are fans because their parents are fans of the Yankees. I am a Red Sox fan because my parents are Red Sox fans. I could possibly feel badly for them.

Perhaps we can look to our Sages for some advice on how to deal with the evilness in our mist when it is disguised as a pathetic excuse for a baseball team. In Talmud Kiddushin 81b we learn of a man named Pelimo who spurned Satan and on most days said he could spit in the eye of evil temptation. Yet, as the story goes, he is tricked into allowing the Satan into his house on the Day of Atonement and to have him sit at the table and eat and drink with his friends and family.

Yet then Satan does what Satan does, he acts with evil intent, forcing Pelimo to scold Satan. Satan, now dressed as a poor man, falls over dead. Pelimo feels guilt and remorse and this is what goes down:
[Satan] asked Pelimo: “Why have you been cursing me?”

Pelimo asked, “Then how should I speak?”

[Satan] said to him, [You should say] ‘May the Merciful One rebuke Satan.”
Clearly the Yankees are evil, but possibly not as bad as Satan (in the Jewish tradition Satan is a little different for all you who got here via Google.)But the inclination to ridicule the Yankees, even when A-Rod cheats while running the bases (ALCS and last week in Toronto) and their sluggers take roids and they are just evil, it is a temptation that could make the lives of people harder. People find joy in sports. It is tough routing for a crappy team and I would know, I am a Red Sox fan.

But the bigger connection between the Talmud and the AL East is that while I am tempted to hate the Yankees, because they are evil and doing poorly, they are currently the disguised poor man begging to be let into Pelimo's house for Yom Kippur.

So do I feel for the fans, not that much though...for I am wary of anyone is a fan of Satan the Yankees. However the moral of the story is that the Yankees are evil and can do more damage to the AL East then they have already done to themselves.


Shabbat Shalom


Jack's Shack said...

Let's be real, the AL doesn't play real baseball. The DH is an abomination.

Liberal Jew said...

jack of shack-

It is all an abomination, DH or not, it is not as pure as it was "back in the day."