Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Orthos Still Hate the Gays

In New York, the Legislature passed a bill supporting gay marriage. (Yippy!... lets see how it does in the Senate before an all out party)

But the Orthodox community said this:

Four U.S. national Orthodox organizations declared their opposition to the gay marriage bill adopted Tuesday by the New York State Assembly.

In a statement released Wednesday, the morning after the bill passed the Assembly by a vote of 85-61, Agudath Israel of America, the National Council of Young Israel, the Rabbinical Council of America, and the Orthodox Union registered their opposition to the measure.

"We oppose the redefinition of the bedrock relationship of the human family," the joint statement read.

"The institution of marriage is central to the formation of a healthy society and the raising of children," the groups said. "It is our sincere conviction that discarding the historical definition of marriage would pose a severe danger to society in a variety of ways."

The four groups, which collectively represent virtually the entire spectrum of organized American Orthodox Jewry, said Jewish tradition informed their view of the legislation and expressed concern that, should the bill become law, their constituents might "incur moral opprobrium and may risk legal sanction if they refuse to transgress their beliefs."

The bill, which has the backing of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, is unlikely to be considered this year by the Republican-controlled State Senate.

A big shocker! Stop the presses to hurry up and tell us the Orthodox establishment is against GLBT rights!


Annie said...

Do you think that they would make it illegal for Jews to eat bacon? I wonder if they care as much about all aveirot, or just homosexuality.

I mean, pig farmers get government subsidies, and some of those pigs are eaten by Jews, ergo, the government funds/enables the breaking of kashrut.

Not well thought out, just a thought.

Liberal Jew said...

I think this kind of religion is so crazy. It must be because it is easy to point at the minority groups (like GLBT communities) and say they are evil. Pig famers are harder to say are evil, even if they make alot of smelly stuff...

There was a piece about this on Ynet today. I can't seem to find it though.

Yael said...

I know what you mean, how crazy is it that Torah Jews think that the institution of marriage (the old-fashioned kind, one man, one woman) has sanctity that should be preserved? I mean, c'mon, we all know there is nothing sacred. Right?

Yes, that was sarcastic on my part. But in all seriousness, there is a very small and very victimized minority of people who have sex with animals and want to marry them. What do you say? If a man can marry a man, then can a man not also marry a goat? And if not, why not? I'm just wondering if liberals draw any lines anywhere at all, and when/if they do, what ethical system do they refer to, given that they do not recognize or believe in Torah law?

And btw, I'm not saying anyone's evil. I just believe there's a difference between equality and equivalence.

Anonymous said...

Orthodox are not against gay people. Orthodox are committed to strict acceptance of its religion and while, as humans they too sin, they acknowledge that what they have done was wrong, i.e., against G-d's will.

G-d has given rules. For example - no adultery. If someone has a strong desire for adultery, they must still comply with the rule against it and must reign in their lust.

This is the particular custom-made challenge G-d designed for that person. Each person has their own custom-made challenge. Some are deep-rooted and not visible to others at the surface while others are visisble. Yet, everyone is expectd to fully comply and people are expected to treat one another with respect.

Gay desires and tendacies are no different and are expected to be controlled and not given in too. Orthodox are not against respecting gays as people.

They are against gays promoting the idea that there is nothing wrong with not controlling oneself from gay sexual activity, as this undermine's the above described fundamental in the religion - this concept does not relate in particular to gays.

But, if a gay person happend to be the one to argue it, Orthodox mustr refute it w/o compromise in order to uphold their religion.