Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Teeth Still Hurt

After the dentist pulled out my tooth last night, I feel pressure from the place where my tooth was all the way to the top of my skull...

So I have been looking for soft food to eat and since tonight is Top Chef, my sister and I must play Top Chef Top Chef, were we try to cook good things for each other and watch the show, it must be tasty. It is fun.

But I need soft food. My sister found this website. Its art work is brilliant; the picture is reminiscent of Monet like work at Jewbiq. I love MSPaint.


Annie said...

My dad was very proud of the portrait I drew of him.

Maybe I can make a living as an artist afterall.

Liberal Jew said...

Oh no doubt...I would be proud of my daughter too if she would paint me using an old school Microsoft tool.