Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bloomberg Leaves the GOP

As of about 30 minutes ago, Mayor Mike Bloomberg left the Republican party because he is sick of it and its party politics. A long time Dem, Bloomberg left his party for the Republicans to run for mayor of NYC.

This to me is a clear move for him to run for President. While many in the NYC Democratic party can't stand him--saying things like he isn't a political person and only cares about money etc--it is clear that in a city that is overwhelmingly Democratic, Bloomberg has something more than party politics on his side. There are no questions problems with his policies, but Bloomberg has done a pretty good job.

Will he run for president? If so he will win a majority of the middle ground "swing voters." This will make the election about the "base" and then we have to get out the vote like never before. But it will also mean a radicalization of the parties. It is all interesting.

In the News: Bloomberg is a Party Pooper


DK said...

"But it will also mean a radicalization of the parties."

He may be planning to run as a Democrat.

Liberal Jew said...

ach he can't do that...it is the ultimate "flip flop." I think if he runs he will run to prove a point that he isn't a party lackey. But it will be interesting to see what he does.

I actually think it is really interesting that he did this with Aaaaaaarnold in CA. Arnold, Joe (of Joementum) Bloomberg and to some extent McCain really represent a different kind of movement in politics. They should start their own party and see what happens.

DK said...

McCain? Nah. He's just off the wall.

And anyway, none of the people you mentioned are really that interesting or different. They're moderates. That's all. Each party should have such people.

Liberal Jew said...

I think that parties should be based on principles and values. They should be strong and steadfast. If the middle of the road waters down the values, then the middle of the road should be part of another party.