Wednesday, May 9, 2007

We No Longer Run the Banks

Cross Post:

The World Bank has told Israel their work on Palestinians’ right to work and move in the Territories is bad for the Palestinian Economy. Really? No kidding? Huh… So making it really hard for people to get from home to work, stores and medical supplies will hurt an econonmy. You don't say! No wonder the World Bank is in such trouble.

So the World Bank, clearly run by Jews cause it is a bank, is criticizing Israel. So when will we hear that the World Bank is anti-Semitic? But wait, are the Palestinians not at all to blame for these economic failures?

Groups like Hamas, both their political and terrorist wings, are not helping the situation at all. We see people being taught by a Mickey Mouse likeness to kill the Jews and destroy Israel. The PA has not stopped using terror as a tactic to beat a much stronger and clearly superior military force. This lack of mobility, and requisite economic depression, is a two way street.

Israel is a much to blame as the leadership of the Palestinian people.

In the News: Israel Causes Palestinian Economy To Fail