Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Visiting the Sick - With Paper Work

I am pretty sure the sages had a different idea when they wrote about the commandment to visit the sick. In this Slate article we learn that Alberto Gonzales and friends tried to force (then critically ill) Attn. Gen. Ashcroft to sign papers to re-authorize the terrorist surveillance program or paper trail free wire taps. Whatever you want to call it...

This is AWFUL! I mean I feel bad for Ashcroft, which is crazy. This is power hungry evil behavior here. This is in direct violation of Federal law. This is in direct violation of Jewish laws (Though I pretty sure no one involved really cares). Anyone who defends this conduct as a way to protect our nation from terrorism must have their head examined.

By circumventing the law, Gonzalas discredited an already shady enterprise. Can we fire this sycophantic amnesia-ridden lackey already?

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