Monday, May 14, 2007

Tommy Being Tommy

Tommy Thompson isn't known for being an eloquent speaker. He isn't known for his understanding of the political arena. He really isn't known for his grasp of the power of his words. His presidential run clearly is the first time he has had a microphone in front of his face. With his slip up in front of the Religious Action Center's Consultation on Conscience (Jewish tradition = being good with money) and now calling for gays to get canned at the digression on his or her employer, it seems that Tommy will be on the sidelines for the big game.

However, Tommy has an excuse for everything. He said he was fatigued and sick when he told a group of 400 Liberal Jewish activists the he had meetings with Bibi and spent time with the JDL. And he REALLY had to pee during the debate and his run in with Homophobia.

So before we see Tommy off the stage a friend and I thought up a few quotes that we could have seen on the front page of the Washington Post if Tommy Thompson was president.
"I need to apologize to all the gay Jews out there because if they get fired for being gay then they will not be able to practice their tradition of being good business people, and that isn't what America is all about."

"I am very proud of the traditions of gay Jews in America, not only are they fine business people but they can dance as well. Not that I am being stereotypical or anything...I respect the wealthy flamboyant gay Jews of America"

“With due respect to the Queen, her perfume made me ill. In retrospect, I should have maintained diplomatic relations with England but fired all their gays from the embassy.”

“I didn’t mean to launch a nuclear attack, I just really needed to go to the bathroom and it was the quickest way to end the meeting”

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