Friday, May 18, 2007

Shabbat Ideas - May 18, 2007

With Friday upon us and the JIB Awards finally over (I came in fifth so thanks!) here are my Shabbat Thoughts for May 18, 2007.

Skinny Genes
A Dead Bigot is Dead and a Bigot all the same
More fun with ignoring the Constitution

B'midbar starts this week. Into the desert wilderness we go! And how fitting that we venture off into the unknown this week?

With the continued scandals surrounding Attn.Gen. Alberto Gonzales, the resignation of Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank and no new minimum wage bill from congress we really don't know where our country is going. Additionally it seems that we have all lost a bit of direction on other issues that matter a lot for the world as well.

I have not heard so much about Darfur in recent weeks. Iran and Iraq (and rightly so) dominate much of the news. Inflation in the US could destroy any hope of a strengthening economy in the next few cycles at the Fed and last I checked the weather is all kinds of messed up.

We enter a wilderness everyday it seems. I don't know what will happen when I get on the subway. You don't know what will happen when you get on the cross town bus. We don't know when someone will die or a giant will take the international stage and leads us out of this unknown.

All we do know for sure is that we continue to learn from our traditions. We can use a map and learn from our history; our wilderness isn't so bad if you think about. There are a lot of terrible things going on in this wilderness, but hopefully we can make it work.

Shabbat Shalom

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