Sunday, May 27, 2007

Open Letter to Bill Richardson

Governor Bill Richardson,

Sir you need to talk about the future and not your great past. No question about it, you have done some great stuff, for working in Darfur and North Korea and your labor policies in your homestate. But this week on Meet the Press, Tim Russert kicked you to the curb on almost everything you have ever said. I personally was very excited about your campaign but now I feel like you may have a very similar case of Tommy Thompson disease; it is time to remove your foot from your mouth.

You did have a few brilliant moments, yet they were few and very far between. You did say “something that isn’t very popular, I am going to ask people to sacrifice,” when discussing the need for new ways to fight climate change. But sir it was mired platitudes and banalities that I almost missed this declaration of energy independence (that would have been a better line by the way).

Stop talking in paragraphs.

Gun control issues need to be black and white Bill. You support gun rights but also want people to be careful and lawful. Your party doesn’t like guns, but the electorate does. Anyone watching the Sunday morning shows understands that. Just answer the question governor.

But worst of all you said you were always a Red Sox fan but in your book you said you are a Yankee fan! Tim Russert said it, you may be able to bring people together but never will you be able to get Red Sox fans and Yankee fans together. You my friend just lost my support!


liberaltruth said...

Gee, dont'cha think you were being a little hard on Bill? I have yet to see the Russert interview, but I have it Tivo'ed. I personally like the fact that Richardson can communicate in paragraphs and speak on subjects with depth and intelligence. He isn't a moroninc sound-bite machine. Also,his accomplishments aren't in the past, he is continually doing the things of which you speak, improving life in our state and his accomplishments in diplomacy are hardly ancient history (unless you consider September, January and April ANCIENT history.)

Don't give up on Bill yet. He is a great leader.

Liberal Jew said...

I think Bill should figure out what he stands for and sound like the strong leader you say he is.

I am sick of stupid all in one politics but NO ONE is watching the Sunday Shows except the people who already know who and how to vote. Bill needs to speak in sound bites and govern in full intelligent paragraphs.