Sunday, May 13, 2007

The New New Jew Review

Hot from my yiddishe Deep Throat, Heeb Magazine’s website is back up and running. It also seems to have more fun things like the full articles. Heeb, the first really big alternative-counter-culture-hipster-rag – founded by the very not counter culture generous donations of a Joshua Venture Grant – is now back online as a blog.

It is new and thanks to Scooter to my Robert Novak I know it is up and I am writing about the new site in all its glory. There doesn’t seem to be too much that is different from its print additions and in reality, I don’t know what a blog format will do for Heeb. There are tons of counter culture Jewish blogs out there and they really have a good feel for the market.

It is also interesting to note that Heeb, while it tries to be a profitable enterprise it still can’t swing it with out their fake ads that were covered in the Times a few months back. (Sorry you got to pay for it at the Times….which leads me to my point.)

How is Heeb going to sustain itself online? It needed grants to get going, spoof ads to keep itself going, and now is running a money drainer of a blog…If the New York Times can’t give it to you for free online, how in the world will a group of Heebs be able to make it happen?

But in better news, Heeb is online and it is cool. Josh Neuman is a nice guy (EIC) and you should buy his rag.

Hat Tip: Valerie Plame

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