Thursday, May 17, 2007

Me First Judaism

What I still can't really grasp is why so many of these "indi" Jewish groups --minyan, "non-religious groups," etc-- are so selfish? I am sure that this will draw the ire of some folks, but really what is the driving force behind this kind of self-centered community? I personally don't want to be surrounded by people who are all my age. I need a community that is diverse and dynamic.

In my personal experience I have had a wonderful time at most of the synagogues I have visited here in NYC and elsewhere. However, I had to go in with a positive attitude. You can't go in expecting to be disappointed. I am sure if I went to a minyan, talked to the one or two people who said hello, I also would have said that that place was unwelcoming.

Once again we see a group of op-eds about how the Jewish establishment is finally "getting it" about these independent groups and why 20 somethings are still not interested in the traditional Jewish community structure. The established Jewish community is run by some professionals but a majority of volunteers.

If young Jews want these organizations to survive long enough for them to have their children get an education, go to summer camp, etc they will have to work to change them and not just go off and make new organizations that fit their intimidate need. It doesn't make much sense to reinvent the wheel; if the wheel is broken, fix it don't say it is a bad invention.

Judaism is a community, not just a religion. This community is lacking a particular aspect and it is the young people. This "problem" is as much the 20 somethings' fault as the traditional Jewish Structure's.

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