Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Torah Day

I snagged this icon from JTA's home page...not sure if it was a mistake but it leads to a story about Darfur Refuges in Israel... an interesting message if it was intentional.

Happy eating dairy to those who can and those who can't please do us all a favor and have some Lactaid.

Shavuot Semacha!

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A New California Fan said...

Well, hey. Too bad it wasn't the cover article on Passover. Rather, we need a picture of all those silent Jews climbing on the backs of downtrodden Darfurians while reaching to receive Torah from Moses' hand.

Love the graphic on May 17th. I'm a gam zeh v'gam zeh type of guy. We gotta care for Israel (keeping her both strong and moral) AND ensuring the world stay moral (and safe).