Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Governing Food Prices

Hunger is a major issue in the world's richest and most powerful country. It is actually shameful. But one Governor, Theodore R. Kulongoski of Oregon, has taken this issue on to raise awareness about the issues of hunger; and he isn't even running for re-election.

I suggest you just read this article and see what one person in power can do to help out people without any at all. I don't care how he did it or for what reason, simply because now millions of people are reading about hunger in the New York Times and other media outlets around the world.

A Governor Truly Tightens His Belt

SALEM, Ore., April 27 — He swore off beer, had to put the pricey organic bananas back on the supermarket shelf and squeezed four meals out of a single chicken, all in the name of reducing hunger. And this is not even an election year.

Gov. Theodore R. Kulongoski’s decision to live on $3 a day in grocery money for a week, as he had been urged to do in an Oregon “food stamp challenge,” could confound the surest cynic. At 66, he was just elected to his second term, with a budget surplus surpassing $1 billion and a legislature controlled by his fellow Democrats. So just what was there to gain politically? Continue Reading

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New California Fan said...

Now that's a guy whose using his head and his gut to get it right. My new hero! Maybe if enough of the fat cats were forced to eat this way (instead of volunteering), they'd come to understand what poverty really tastes like. It reminds me of that old youth group game in which part of the group ate well, part ate rice and part went hungry. A sociodrama that truly taught the hierarchy of hunger!