Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good (and Just) Eats

For sometime I have been a foodie and honestly a food snob. I love to eat and eat well. I am ready and willing to spend good money on a meal but have a really hard time buying new clothing. (The jeans I have been wearing since the seventh grade only needed a little strategic mending and now they are fine...even my lovely partner says I can wear them again.)But when it comes to food, I like the best.

I am an avid viewer of the Food Network and find the shows to be very fun and interesting. Not only are they covering a topic of interest, but the colors are pretty. There are studies that state that this kind of TV is actually good for kids. But all the same something kind of bugs me a bit about these shows.

While I don't know where all the food that is used in explaining everything ends up, my fear is that hundreds of pounds of half prepared gourmet meals hit the trash cans outside the Chelsea studios. Chelsea, while a posh and lovely hood in NYC is close to some not so posh and lower socio-economic neighborhoods in the city. My thought would be to have this food cooked (by the interns of course) and then served to those who needed a meal.

Taste food and great PR. I will write a letter to the Food Network and when I get the answer I will let my loyal readers --ok the six of you-- know what is really happening.

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