Thursday, May 10, 2007

Crazy Candidates

A few weeks back I wrote about Mike (Gavel) Gravel because I had not heard about him until the days leading up to the debate. I for one was not very impressed with his showing and felt a majority of his ideas were fluffy. Yet his place on the stage is not questioned by this Jewish wannabe pundit.

I received a comment on that post saying that I wouldn't engage Gravel's ideas on the topics, because I just wanted to dismiss him as crazy. I respect Gravel and his positions on most things, but he is crazy to think he has shot at anything more than a few interviews and a couple more major debate events. He hasn't raised any money and he isn't even polling in the single digits.

But that gets me to the real second tier candidates. I came across this article from FAIR that was posted on a friend's blog. It discusses the fact that even though most pundits feel Gravel is "crazy" many Americans are inline with his way of thinking about war and peace. Not too out of the ordinary to think that most American's don't want to Nuke Iran.

But it is also not out of the realm of possibilities that the Democrats (and Republicans) don't want a Hillary - Rudy campaign. They might want to see Richardson or (God forbid) Thompson or anyone else run and win the major party nominations. I suppose it is the idealist in me that says it is important for Dennis to run every four years on a platform of dismantling the Pentagon, but in reality I know he is not what the United States needs.

But that isn't to say that Bill Richardson or Chris Dodd are impossible to see as President...It really isn't that crazy to think about.

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