Monday, May 21, 2007

Boring Bloggers

What is so different about left and right wing Jewish bloggers? Domestic policy verse international security with each side talking about one, but not the other.

Why can only the left talk about the need to help the poor in the United States? Why can the only the right talk about international security? It must have something to do with expected norms or something…

But when you look at a blog like Jspot you see that it is an organizational blog dedicated to domestic poverty/labor/environmental issues only. When you look at Little Green Footballs you see it is a group blog that uses the extremist mentality of Islamic terrorists to characterize all Muslims (sorry had to take a swing). But what you don’t see much is Lefty Jews condemning (unequivocally) the radical Islamic groups on campuses in the US. You also don’t see Rightwingers talking about the crushing poverty found in our urban and rural communities.

I don’t understand that…Norms are a weak explanation to why we do what we do. I am a know-nothing blogger with low to no traffic. So if I talk about the war policy and public poverty policy, it makes no splash. Jewschool has just turned into a post for the Omer…I wonder what happens tomorrow. Jewlicious has become a place to bash anyone who doesn’t love Israel the right way…it just seems that the major Jblogs have become single issue rags.

The norms are clear. Rightwinger: strong on evil and willing to fight. Lefty: willing to help those less fortunate in the face of some financial determent. But these norms are stereotypes. Rightwingers have their ways they think they should help the poor and Lefties have their ways of blowing the snot out of the bad guys. I believe these norms are easier to play by than actually thinking outside of the box.

I am bored by the lame exchange of ideas. Give me something to write about.


Anonymous said...

Give me something to write about.

Why wait for others to do so? Write something!

And maybe broaden your reading. Muzzlewatch is a lefty Jewish blog that addresses international issues, and it's just one small example.

Liberal Jew said...

Muzzle Watch is a reactionary finger pointing exercise that calls any argument against thier view an attack against thier right to speak. Additionally they only talk about Israel and Palestine...

Mik Moore said...

Good questions POLJ.

First of all, just because not a lot of folks read your blog doesn't mean that it can't have an impact. And some of us do read it.

Second of all, I think there are more folks who break out of the boxes see them in. It's true that jspot doesn't do international, but that is because we are domestic focused. But while our posts often conform to your formulation, they don't always. Our recent debate on day schools is one example. Other posts on ID politics, and antisemitism can cut against the grain.

For a local group that does a good job being truthfully on foreign and domestic take a look at the Progressive Jewish Alliance in California.

Liberal Jew said...

Hey Mik-

Thanks. I am not blaming JFSJ or Jspot or even LGF for fitting the norms.

Anon- I do write about stuff, but I am a no-one. I expect the big boys and girls to do the heavy lifting.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call you a no-one, and your profile can keep growing if you keep writing, linking to other comments, etc. I know a lot of the folks who write for some of the lefty blogs you mention, and I write for one of them myself. Wouldn't really call us partiuclarly big boys or girls. And half those blogs didn't exist a few years ago (JSpot, JVoices, etc.)

Re: Muzzlewatch, I thought that you said that you were looking for left perpectives on Israel and Palestine to counter what you saw on Little Green Fascists and the like. Sorry if I misinterpreted that. I must say, though, that I'm confused about your calling them reactionary. I assume that you don't mean politically reactionary, i.e., on the far right. If you mean that they're reacting to things, well, that's what you're going to find from a media monitor.

But again--if you don't like the news, go out and make your own. No, it's not that easy, but it's easier in the blogging age than it used to be.

Liberal Jew said...


Please drop an email (if you like) so we can contiune to talk. MuzzleWatch doesn't really talk politics but reacts (hence the reactionary) to a majority opinion. I hope to make some news, but as I said before, very few folks hit the POLJ on a regular basis. A good day for me is about 75 to 100 hits...

have a good one.

Jack's Shack said...

What is so different about left and right wing Jewish bloggers? Domestic policy verse international security with each side talking about one, but not the other.

This is not true. It is an inaccurate portrayal of what happens in the blogosphere.

Liberal Jew said...

Jack of Shack-

Prove it