Thursday, April 5, 2007

Underground Palestinian Free Speech

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Alright so there has been this big brew-ha-ha about this advertisement for the Washington Metro System by the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. The ACLU got involved calling this a freedom of speech issue and CBS Outdoor (who runs ads in the metro) gave into the demand.

Now I for one don't care for such inflammatory or one-sided advertisements from any side; it only pisses people of as apposed to sending a message. But that is besides the point. This isn't a free speech issue.

According to CBS Outdoor, this ad (seen here) is both inflammatory and depicts a child close in danger. (DUH it is an ad about children in danger) And CBS Outdoor doesn't use ads that are deemed inflammatory. Clearly that is subjective but that is how advertisement works. TV Stations, Radio Stations and Web sites all select ads for issues which they are willing to provide a platform.

While I don't believe this ad violates CBS Outdoor regulations, I find this "freedom of speech" argument to be miss placed. It would be one thing if the DC Police said US Campaign couldn't rally or if they were arrested for producing the ad, but they were not.

They were shut out of an ad agency. They won because they threatened to sue and CBS didn't have the guts to stand up with their regulations. I for one am pissed as hell as an American with his Civil Liberties in jeopardy and I am always willing to fight for my right to say so in anyway shape or form. Let it be in the form of Bong hits 4 Jesus or something like the civil rights movement. But this case of "freedom of speech" is nothing of the sort.

Call it what it is, a fight against cooperate America, not a violation of the constitution.

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